Letter to the Editor: Sun comparing ‘apples to oranges’

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Why are we comparing Dixie State’s funding to Top NCAA DI school’s when Dixie is a NCAA DII school?
When comparing funding to other schools the athletic department and Dixie Sun News is comparing apples and oranges. Yes, BYU and Utah have much larger budgets than DSU; however, they are also much larger schools and members of some of the most prestigious athletic conferences in the country.  When you compare budgets of schools in the PAC WEST or the RMAC (football will be transferring to this conference in 2016) you will find that DSU is mid-range in budget expenses compared other DII schools. We compete with – and typically beat – athletic competitions from our conference.   To compare DSU budget with schools that are over twice our size and those we do not compete against is misleading. Dixie State athletics has proven it can compete with the best DII schools in the country with our current budget. So why are we comparing apples to oranges?

Joshua Kaneversky
Junior, communication major
Visalia, California