Letter to the Editor: Stop 400 South chaos

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On my morning sprint to class, I often see other students running the gauntlet of crossing 400 south. You know, 400 south. The road just south of the Holland building? Yea that one! The street mentioned is one of pure chaos. I mean, are there even lanes on that road?  Students on a daily basis are crossing a street that not only has poor road markings but a complete absence of crosswalks. 400 south is only dwarfed in foot traffic by 1000 east, they are the same road. Since a large amount of students are situated in apartments inversely to the school, I assumed the knowledge stated above was redundant but apparently there are no crosswalks. Both are insufficient in pedestrian markings and both have a majority of students crossing daily. In context it’s not much we are discussing, just paint. But the markings from that paint represent security and safety for students. This issue can’t be as complicated as the grass south of the Holland building. And come on, we’ve all have seen how that war of attrition is going. Dixie State University is great at getting a lot of things right, but I think so far they have gotten this one wrong. Anyway you dash across it, I think it is time for Dixie State University to make a move.

Kyle Shaw
a junior English major