D-Book challenging students with tradition bucket list

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Students have been challenged to a campus-wide scavenger hunt by the Dixie State University Student Alumni Association.

The SAA just released the D-Book, which consists of resources and information to help students make the most of their university experience and includes a bucket-list of things all students should try to complete before graduation.

According to the website, the D-Book lists “more than 40 traditions and events in which to be more involved.” The list includes activities like “Become a True Rebel,” “Meet the President of DSU” and “Workout at the Fitness Center or Aquatic Center.” There is a bucket list for spring events, fall events and year-round activities.

I set out on a daunting mission to cross off as many activities in the D-Book within a two hour time frame.

My journey began in front of the clock tower,  where I was able to cross off several items such as “Visit the Clock Tower” and “Visit the Legacy Pavers” fairly quickly. The campus was busier than I expected, and I got several strange looks when I posed for a selfie in front of the clock tower.

I continued across the rest of campus, stopping to observe art at the Eccles Fine Arts Center, visit the Campus Store and study at a memory garden.

My favorite activity on campus was writing a “memory in the clouds.” I had absolutely no idea the giant cloud mural in the Holland building was actually made of books that students are allowed to write thoughts and memories in. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. It is mind boggling to imagine that one day every book on that huge wall will be filled with the thoughts of those who attended DSU – if the apocalypse doesn’t happen first. The memory I wrote about was about a fateful night five years ago when I became a true rebel with the man who is now my husband. 

I finished my journey, slightly out of breath, with a drive through historic downtown St. George and a 10 minute walk up to Dixie Rock, something I have not done in four years. I was able to complete 10 items in a little less than two hours.

To access the D-Book, you sign up for free course on Canvas. A link to the traditions bucket list is on the front page. To make it official, you are required to document each item with a picture and submit it using the assignment turn in feature on Canvas. There are prizes like DSU branded sunglasses, water bottles, and headphones available for those who complete a certain number of items on the list.

Although the D-Book has good intentions and it was fun to explore campus and the surrounding area, many students will not feel motivated to upload their pictures to Canvas. If the prizes were more interesting, there would be more incentive. 

Overall, I feel like the experience was a rewarding one. I’ve been attending DSU on and off for five years. I felt a little sentimental exploring places on campus I haven’t taken the time to see for several years. I would recommend every student give the D-Book a try.