n00b News: Deadpool sets box office record thanks to irreverent marketing campaign

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The “Deadpool” movie’s record-breaking box office release is proof that thinking outside the box pays big.

   Century Fox definitely took its chances by making a movie for the sassy and irreverent character from the Marvel comic. All risks aside, the risk-taking was not in vain after its over-the-top marketing campaign earned the movie over $130 millionduring its first weekend, setting a record for the most successful release of an R-rated movie of all time. According to adage.com, Fox only predicted a $70 million opening weekend.

   What really gets me is how absolutely ridiculous and fitting their marketing campaign was for the character and movie. The marketing approach Fox took was definitely unusual, using a creative and clever approach to the ads. 

   It all started in March 2015 when leading actor Ryan Reynolds posted a tweet, followed by the release of a slew of hilarious billboard ads, GIFs, posters and PSAs.

   Even for those who aren’t familiar with the unconventional superhero, the ads are clearly entertaining. This was genius, because not only did the ads market to the obvious audience of Deadpool fans, it also catered to those who appreciate inappropriate humor.

   Although it was quite the challenge to find the opinion of someone who didn’t like the angle Fox’s marketing department took, some critics called Deadpool’s character “unfunny and uninteresting.” Some parents were angry because they found the movie to be too sexual and graphic. Seeing as that is Deadpool’s entire persona, it is obviously a movie that isn’t for kids. It’s rated R for a reason. 

   However, Century Fox definitely set the tone of the movie’s success by hitting the sweet spot between superhero blockbuster and racy comedy.

   According to Marc Weinstock, the president of domestic marketing for Century Fox, the strategy he used proves social media can make or break a movie release. He said the following on MoviePilot.com:

   “We had a fantastic superhero movie on one end and a hilarious comedy on the other and we knew if we did our job right we could bring in both audiences. This reaffirmed my faith in social media. There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not social media can really open a movie… and this proves it can.”

   Superhero movie trailers have been increasingly bland and uniform over the years, and its to the point where I’ve actually lost interest in watching them. The mixed themes of humor and superheroes definitely made this marketing campaign different from what you’d typically see.

   Although I haven’t had the chance to play the video game or read the comic books, Deadpool is already on my must-watch list because if the ads are this good, the movie must be even better.