Angel Wood Know: how to lose a woman in 10 days

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Question: What are turnoffs for women?

Dear reader, 

So you thought your first date went well, but she ended up ghosting you after? Well, if that’s the case, a variety of things could have happened, but let’s talk about the things you can control for next time.

In reference to the romantic comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” a journalist tries to drive away a new boyfriend in 10 days by exhibiting all the classic dating mistakes, while he simultaneously attempts to make her fall in love with him for a bet. 

How ironic is that? I am a journalist with expertise on what drives women crazy when it comes to dating. So, instead of how to lose a guy, this is how to lose a girl. 

Taking forever to reply

We all know you aren’t that busy. Your 12 credit courseload, gym time with the bros and lazy sleep schedule do not mean you can’t reply back.

We can see when you are active on Snapchat, and whether or not you like it, we know when your Snap score goes up. 

When you take hours to reply, it gets hard for us to be patient, especially when we know you aren’t actually doing anything. So, instead of living every day in frustration because the guy we like can’t reply back, we’d rather drop you.

If you really like a woman, a quick reply will mean the world. It takes three seconds to ensure a woman is happy. It’s really not that hard. 

Lying about everything 

Women are smart, and we know when you are lying. It might be our common sense, or we might actually know for a fact when you are lying because we’ve already done our research—by the way, we were born FBI agents—but just don’t lie. It’ll dig you in a hole you can’t escape from. 

It’s the dumb, small lies that really irk us. So you “went to the gym” even though I saw you at Olive Garden with your friends? Or you don’t have any money to go on dates even though you just bought new Nikes? Interesting. 

When we notice you are lying over and over again, whether about things big or small, just know that we stopped being attracted to you the moment you first lied. 

Bragging about your kiss count

No one cares you kissed 12 different people at True Trailblazer. I’ve noticed that almost every guy I’ve hung out with at Utah Tech has brought up the university tradition and how proud he was that he kissed every girl in the fountain. 

We don’t think that’s cool. We don’t swoon over you because your lips are popular. We get grossed out and see you as a player. 

Ultimately, we are looking for someone who does not make us feel like we need to compete, and how can we compete with every woman at the university, even if they were just “meaningless” kisses? 

Not taking “no” for an anwer

No means no. It’s that simple. No, we don’t want to send nudes. No, we don’t want to be sexually harassed. No, we don’t want to go any further. 

Whether we say “no” or do a variety of other things to express the answer, just listen to us. Leaning away from you, saying we have to go, moving your hand away, pushing you off of us, leaving you on delivered. Read between the lines that we give you, and don’t try to push us to do things we don’t want to do.

It’ll forever ruin your chances of pursuing anything with us, even a friendship. 

Not making an effort 

This is the absolute worst thing you can do, and a woman will leave immediately if she notices that you aren’t putting in effort to keep the relationship going. 

We understand a guy doesn’t have to plan every date, pay for every meal and drive us everywhere, but once in a while, it would be nice. What you put in is how much we will put it, but when people don’t make an effort to communicate consistently, plan meaningful dates, and simply just show they care, it is the biggest turnoff. 

At the end of the day, if you do not like someone and they keep trying to pursue you, just tell them you are not interested. Yes, it’ll sting, but it’ll allow us to move on and heal faster than if you lead us on. 

Make an effort. Learn how to take a “no.” Keep your kiss count to yourself. Be honest. And reply in a timely manner. If you do these things, you’ll be on the right track to ensure your dating experiences don’t resemble a certain romantic comedy where all the wrong moves were made. 


Angel Wood 

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