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The Agvocate: eggs are not dairy, even though they are sold in the dairy aisle

Eggs are not dairy products. Eggs are laid by chickens which are birds. Dairy products come from animals that have mammary glands such as cows and goats. Chicken farms in America are ethical, clean and safe. It is a common misconception that chicken farms inject hormones and steroids into chickens. The whole campaign has been […]

How to survive the end of the semester by navigating burnout, stress, finals

Students keeping up with heavy workloads all while fighting for their lives preparing for finals can be an intense period and cause troubling emotions and behaviors. As deadlines come closer, anxiety can creep up quickly. Students and professors all feel the weight as the end is nearing, and taking care of one’s mental and physical […]

The Agvocate: GMOs are not going to kill you

In an era where scientific advancements shape our world, understanding genetically modified organisms has steadily become more important. I strive to equip readers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about purchasing GMOs and their important significance in our lives and the environment. As a four-year Future Farmers of America member and avid performance […]

OPINION | Utah Tech housing is outrageously expensive

Though Utah Tech University’s tuition is the lowest in the state, the cost of living is amongst the highest, leaving students living in subpar conditions while being ridiculously overcharged. Utah Tech is ranked in the top 50 in the United States for affordability, but the cost of living in St. George makes college students end […]

The Agvocate: why we all need agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and without it, we would all cease to exist. In 2021, agriculture and related industries contributed around $1 trillion to the United States gross domestic product. GDP measures the total market value of all U.S. goods and services produced in a given year. Food is not grown in […]

Homecoming carnival brings variety of fun to students and community

For the past seven years, Utah Tech University has hosted a carnival, car show and tailgate throughout Homecoming Week. This year was planned a little differently. This year, Homecoming Week fell on the same week that the Utah Tech Events and Promotion office usually hosts their annual Tricks & Treats event. Tricks & Treats is an […]

OPINION | For the sake of your fellow residents, be a responsible, respectful roommate

Walking into my kitchen in just my underwear this Sunday morning, unexpectedly meeting one of my roommate’s one-night stands, is where I finally draw the line. If you are trying to not be “that” roommate, all you need is a little consideration for others, a pinch of cleanliness and a dash of self-awareness. If you […]

The child care crisis on campus: what’s the solution?

Six out of the eight top-ranked universities in the state offer their students child care options. Utah Tech University is not among the universities and is leaving some of its students stretched thin, struggling to find time for their studies while taking care of their children. Melissa Ehlert, a sophomore population health major from Cedar […]

New 3-year degrees at universities save time and money

BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s slogan for the debut of their new accelerated bachelor’s degree program is “Earn a degree in three.” In April 2024, BYU-Idaho and Ensign College will be allowing students to complete an online bachelor’s degree in three years instead of the traditional four. In this new program, elective credits will be eliminated. Students will […]