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Education department sees its largest ELED graduating class

Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the department of education is seeing its largest graduating class of 40 students from its Elementary Education Program in May. “This year of 40 is a big group,” professor of education Chizu Matsubara said. “For us, it’s usually 20 to 25 graduates, so this is a […]

Honored tradition returns; 2021 D-Queen announced

Abbie Scherzinger, a junior nursing major from St. George, won the long-awaited 2021 D-Queen pageant. Additional winners are as follows: Katy Johnson, a junior nursing major from Meridian, Idaho, won first runner-up. Elysha Samantua, a graduate accounting major from Vaitogi, American Samoa, won second runner-up. Hannah Hickman a junior media studies major from Aguanga, California, […]

OPINION | LDS church deserves to be taxed

There is no doubt that religion is meant to be separate from state law. This is acknowledged through our First Amendment, which states that “Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise.” In Utah, it is difficult to respect the prior simply because over 62% of people in the state belong […]

Student body president, vice presidents announced; finalists express gratitude

The first-ever Institute of Politics-run student body election has come to an end with the following winners: Student Body President: Penny Mills, a senior communication studies major from Orem, has won a second presidential year. Winning a second presidential year has not been common among recent elections. Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Cesar Ruiz, […]

Board of Trustees votes 5% increase in tuition, student fee decrease

A 5% tuition increase was voted through the Dixie State University Board of Trustees March 5 that will now move to the State Board of Higher Education for approval. The 5% increase will start in the fall semester of 2021 with tuition absorbing eight student fees. The Student Fee Advisory Board proposed a 5% decrease […]

Name change protests, counter-protests continue at DSU

The Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition initiated a protest at the Dixie State University clocktower to oppose the name change bill that the Senate Education Committee expects to hear at 4 p.m. today. A counter-protest in favor of the name change was also organized at the opposite end of the Encampment Mall. Ralph Atkins, family […]

OPINION | All Americans should embrace Black History Month

Those who are getting angry over giving those who have been historically enslaved, defamed and tortured over the amount of melanin in their skin a month to share their history — American history — share the same sentiment as KKK members. We see history repeat itself time and time again in terms of when the […]

Student Government: A guide to running for student office

For the first time in Dixie State University’s history, the Institute of Politics is in charge of the student elections process. The IOP already had its first informational meeting for candidates on Feb. 8 and plan to have another on Feb. 11. This informational meeting will be for those who wish to run and have […]

OPINION | Welfare ≠ socialism

Capitalism. The ideology that many champion as “free” and “democratic” while naming welfare for the poor as socialism has ultimately led to the rise of wealth inequality in the U.S. While socialism is equated to countries that are undergoing civil disruption and northern countries with high tax rates, capitalists use these excuses to bash welfare […]