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How to not be a broke college student

Many of us accept the cliché, beggar student lifestyle, staving off hunger with instant ramen and microwave dinners, but there are many simple methods to use in order to not go broke in college. Saving Establishing a decent savings account is more important than tackling an Amazon wish list. Whether it’s the engine light flashing or forgetting […]

Gay-Straight Alliance welcomes everybody

For years at Dixie State University, there was no place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students to meet with like-minded people until the Gay-Straight Alliance was established on campus. Beginning as the Pride Club in 2006, the GSA celebrates diversity in individuals, especially concerning gender identity and sexuality.  Not only are LGBT students […]

Online infidelity difficult to define

All the hours I spent watching the show “Cheaters” taught me that tapping a phone can confirm any suspicion, but nowadays online infidelity is more common and harder to spot than ever.  According to a Fusion.com poll, 82 percent of 1,000 participants between the ages of 18 to 34 answered “Yes” to the question: “Do […]

Nerdy is normal in Utah

Utah could be the first state where people talk more nerdy than dirty. According to recent study on Estately Blog, Utah came in No. 1 as the state with the most nerds per capita. The stereotypical definition of a nerd is someone who is overly smart, partially gangly and whose obscure pastimes include non-mainstream activities heavily influenced […]

Pinterest Project: Handmade mugs make for a thoughtful, easy gift

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many college couples are tempted to show their affection through exorbitant gifts, but nothing says “I love/like/tolerate you” more than a personally designed mug from a do-it-yourself Pinterest project.   Or for singles, these mugs could attract the eye of a potential beau or babe. I’m not promising these mugs will turn a friend […]

Mr. Dixie could mean more

Everyone knows the Mr. Dixie pageant isn’t just funny — it is hilarious, but despite all the schtick, I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Dixie will be anything more than funny.   For those unfamiliar with Mr. Dixie, it is a faux-pageant for male Dixie State University students to flaunt their flairs, charisma and personality in hopes of winning […]

Career Center implementing two new programs

For students who think that interns are solely coffee jockeys who slave away pro bono, that’s neither always the case, nor the intention. The Dixie State University Career Center will be implementing two new programs to enhance internship opportunities for DSU students in February.  These programs are Dixie Interns and Dixie Career Tours.   “An […]