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DSU Election Night Party features confrontation

Tensions ran high between attendees at the Election Night Party hosted by the Institute of Politics, resulting in an event-pausing verbal altercation between political groups. What was meant to be a night of education and collaboration quickly turned into an uncomfortable night for two Trump supporters attending the event. A couple wearing matching “Trump” shirts […]

Dia De Los Muertos celebration brings culture to campus

Fall comes and Halloween is everywhere, but that’s not the only holiday that is coming; there’s also Día De Los Muertos, or Day of The Dead. Día De Los Muertos is a holiday of remembrance that originated in Latin American countries and has made its way into the U.S. It generally spans two days and […]

DSU community discusses why watching debates is beneficial for students

Presidential debates are a hot topic right now, and watching them can be difficult because of the high intensity and snide remarks, but the Dixie State University community has tips to help with that situation. As a student, you may be thinking “this really won’t affect me, and I can just vote in the next […]

OPINION | Counter-protesters are not helpful

Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express their views; however, this does not include verbal assault or intimidation, which is exactly what some counter-protesters are doing. Armed Counter-protesters—All Lives Matter and Liberty Action Coalition—attended the Aug. 30 Black Lives Matter protest in St. George with force in numbers roughly over 200 hundred […]

OPINION: Online school not optimal for learning

Online schooling is seeing a variety of issues with students not used to the self-motivation it takes to do online classes. With Skype and Zoom meetings at the top of the list for online classes, students are having to take initiative and participate in class from home, making sure they don’t miss the invites and […]

Domestic abuse on the rise

Utah is experiencing an increase in domestic violence due to COVID-19, which has many couples and families staying in close quarters with their abusers. An abuser can use physical, material, verbal, mental or sexual abuse against their target. With the stay at home order in place, there is no escape to work or any other […]

DSU makerspace to create masks, continue nursing program online

Dixie State University is helping local health care professionals get more masks and is allowing its nurisng students to continue their clinical instruction online. In an attempt to help health care workers, Washington City reached out to Zack Manweiler, makerspace equipment coordinator, for use of the 3-D printer. The 3-D printer, which is housed in […]

Student journalism virtually indestructible

Journalists won’t let the news stop even in the midst of a pandemic. Student journalists are taking online reporting in stride as they report on COVID-19 and their regular school updates through web interviews, sharing resources, and turning back to old-fashioned newspaper at doorway delivery. In light of the current quarantine restrictions the World Health […]

Student body president debate starts off general election voting

The 2020 student body president debate centered around topics such as equality, diversity and the reputation of Dixie State University. Hosted in the Kenneth N. Gardner living room, Ryan Miggin, a junior accounting major from Syracuse, and Penny Mills, a junior communication studies major from Orem, debated to a mostly empty room mediated by current […]

The French Bakery wafting its way to hearts of St. George

 St. George is quickly becoming a booming bakery town, but none of the most popular places are French or nearly as welcoming as its latest addition. The French Bakery made its debut three weeks ago in a quaint little shopping center, located behind Texas Roadhouse and next to Deseret Industries. The location:        Its bright […]