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Film Fangirl: ‘The Promise’ delivers as historical drama, fails as romance

“The Promise” is fantastic as a historical film documenting the genocide of the Armenian people committed by the Ottoman Turkish Empire during World War I. But as a romance? Not so much. The film stars Oscar Isaac as Mikael, a young man who agrees to marry one of the rich women from his small village […]

Sexual assault not just a ‘girl thing’

Sexual assault is not just a girl thing. The other day, I was sitting in a class, and the topic of sexual assault came up. This is a pertinent issue for college campuses, and I’m always glad to hear frank discussions about it. But I couldn’t help but notice whenever anyone mentioned victims of sexual […]

DSU alumna to make documentary featuring PTSD survivors

A Dixie State University alumna is readying herself for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month this June by preparing to shoot a feature-length documentary. DSU alumna Nicole Weisbrich is in the pre-production stages of creating a documentary film focused on survivors of PTSD. Weisbrich also plans to feature a gallery of sketches of survivors alongside the film. Weisbrich, […]

Film Fangirl: ‘Going in Style’ boasts legendary cast but lacks substance

The film industry tends to focus on young, beautiful people, so it’s always nice to see Hollywood remember the older generation, as it does with this year’s remake of the 1979 film “Going in Style.” Unfortunately, the remake of “Going in Style” takes an opposite, safe direction in contrast to what made the original 1979 […]

Film Fangirl: ‘Power Rangers’ pays heartfelt homage to original 90s show

In a world where a new superhero movie lands in theaters every few months like clockwork, we’ve finally been given one where a majority of the leads aren’t just white —or even straight — people. As the latest of the never-ending streak of reboots, the classic 90s show “Power Rangers” has landed in theaters. Yes, […]

Film Fangirl: ‘Logan’ gives Wolverine impressive, touching send-off

“Logan” is the first X-Men film to fully reach the depths of tragedy the other films of the series have striven for. As a franchise, the X-Men series ranges from excellent, like “X2” and “Days of Future Past,” to the kind of tripe that makes you want to gouge your eyes out in the vain […]

Harming those who can’t harm back inhumane

Violence aimed at those who cannot fight back is the most disturbing of all, a fact that makes animal abuse even more sickening than it already is.   As time goes on, the treatment of animals has gained more and more attention. SeaWorld’s profits and number of visitors have dropped dramatically following the release of […]