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OPINION: The American College education system sucks

$25,290. That is how much the average American college student attending a public four-year university pays per year, according to a study done by valuepenguin.com. Now multiply that by the four years — the average amount of time it takes for a student to attain enough credits to get a bachelor’s degree. $101,160. Lastly, multiply […]

Summer break is perfect time to get ahead

Classes are nearly, if not already, over. You’ve wrapped up the last of your finals, and it’s done. So now what? You now have three months, give or take. Three months to do whatever you want. Or so you think. Sure, summer vacation is the perfect time to catch up on everything you missed during […]

Undergraduate Research Symposium grants students opportunity to share findings, passions

Dixie State University’s Regional Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity is taking the event to a grander scale this year, moving into the old East Elementary’s Atwood Innovation Plaza and showing off food trucks, prizes and hours upon hours of research and projects presented by DSU’s very own students. Described on the DSU website as a “forum […]

Former DSU student murder trial pushed back

The trial for a suspected murderer of a former Dixie State University student has been pushed back one month due to overscheduling in the court. Nearly 10 months after her unfortunate death, friends of the victim are continuing to honor her memory and remember her as the trial draws near. Kevin Mcatlin has been charged with […]

Students prepare for DSU drag show

After months of preparation and the culmination of three different clubs, Dixie State University is getting ready to show off a variety of performers in its first ever drag show. Put together by the theatre club, LGBT Student Association, and Dixie State University Student Association, this show is set to be held on April 6 at […]

Consumers need to shop ethically

Convenience. It’s what we live on; in fact, it’s what we thrive on. More often than not, we pick where we shop, where we eat, and where we work based on convenience in proximity to our needs. Is it close to home? Is it cheap? Is it easy? In our attempts to find businesses that suit […]

Letter to the Editor: Fee decrease directly impacts educational experience

As a woman who works full time and is enjoying life post-graduation, I oftentimes forget to look back at what got me to where I am today — except one thing: the Dixie Sun News. It wasn’t even a year ago where I was in the same exact position as these student journalists at Dixie […]

Letter to the editor: Need exists to support student news

To Whom it May Concern, I write this letter in support of the “Dixie Sun“, Dixie State University’s student run newspaper. I ask that the Student Fees Allocation Committee maintain the Suns’ allocation of student funding at its current level of $1 per student. At the heart of our republic is freedom of speech and freedom […]

Letter to the Editor: Save the print edition

To Whom It May Concern: The thought of Dixie Sun News losing its physical presence  pains me greatly. We need physical copies of the paper to remind passersby (students, faculty, administration, campus visitors) that the publication exists, and that it is excellent. Readership will trail off without a print edition, restricting Dixie Sun News’ ability to bring […]

DSN staff presents on journalism journey

The Dixie Sun News hosted a panel at the 2019 Associated Collegiate Press Midwinter National College Journalism Convention, tackling a variety of subjects regarding the Dixie Sun News’ recent plights. The panel, titled “Fighting for Your Rights: Battling with our University About Open Meetings,” featured Dixie Sun News adviser Rhiannon Bent, editor-in-chief Ryann Heinlen, and news […]