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Las Vegas pro-sports teams changing southern Utah culture

Until recently, southern Utah was far from any major professional sports franchises and far removed from the effects of professional sports on local sports culture. Before the establishment of the Golden Knights NHL team, the closest professional sports franchise to southern Utah was the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. But with professional sports teams moving into […]

AI poses real, terrifying threat to human species

It’s easy to underestimate the dangers of artificial intelligence. Sci-fi films featuring naked Austrian terminators and murderous robots crushing human civilization have made the whole idea seem fanciful, fun and a tad bit sexy. But in reality, AI is a tangible, unregulated invention that could quickly spiral out of control, threatening the continued survival of the human […]

Seegmiller wants others to follow dreams, be happy

This article is one of a series, which provides media recommendations relevant to the interviewed faculty member’s field, as well as their thoughts on pursuing a similar career path. Travis M. Seegmiller is an associate professor of law, economics and management at Dixie State University. He achieved cum laude status at Yale University, where he earned […]

DSU clock tower takes time to get used to, grows on students

With its modern triangular design and powerful night lights, Dixie State University’s clock tower might be the most noticeable thing on campus besides administrative abuse of power. The clock tower’s unique appearance makes it an ideal gathering place for campus tours, lost students and protesters. At first, I thought the clock tower looked like an […]

Hotdoggers whip out Wiener Whistles, set record

Monuments mark the sites of historic battles, honor legacies of former presidents, and celebrate lives of celebrities. But what marble-sculpted commemoration could possibly match the awe and historicity of the event taking place at noon on Oct. 30 in front of the Dixie State University student center, when the record for most Wiener Whistles blown at […]

Failure to Yield: How to avoid St. George’s leading cause of traffic accidents

Everyone has to get somewhere, and to get there it’s best to follow the rules of the road. Not yielding to the right-of-way is not a time saving measure — it’s a recipe for disaster. Utah drivers have a problem with yielding to the right-of-way. According to articles by The Spectrum and St. George News, […]

DSU’s chapter of Camp Kesem needs manpower, funding

Dedicated students have managed to start a chapter of Camp Kesem, a nationwide non-profit organization that hosts summer camps for children whose parents have been affected by cancer, at Dixie State University. DSU’s Camp Kesem is one of the newest chapters of about 117 nationwide. The DSU chapter’s co-directors, Sage Hafen, a sophomore biology major from St. […]

‘Failure is an Option’ provides a mantra for college students

For some, particularly in a competitive and stressful environment like college, there is a crippling drive to succeed. Failure can seem like a harsh derailment from that drive, a misstep on the never-ending path toward perfection. There is an alternative to the constant stress and anxiety that can result from rolling the metaphorical boulder of […]

Student entrepreneur breeds, sells exotic reptiles

St. George might be known for fossils, but it also has a home-brewed Jurassic Park lurking under the surface. Christian Dwyer, a junior biology major from Laguna, California, is the founder and CEO of Cold Blooded Science, a private breeding facility for rare and exotic reptiles. Dwyer founded Cold Blooded Science in 2012, and said he got […]

DSU should consider move to FCS school

Dixie State University’s sports programs, in particular its football program, are hampered by uninteresting match-ups, a lack of revenue and dwindling interest. It’s time DSU left Division II behind to become a Football Champion Subdivision school. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, is divided into three divisions, ranked in descending order of prestige and competitiveness: […]