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Spanish department entertains with Christmas competition

Anyone walking through the Gardner Student Center Monday afternoon probably heard familiar Christmas tunes being sung but with less-than-familiar words. Students from eight different Spanish classes gathered for the second annual Spanish department Christmas event to participate in competition-style caroling. Small groups treated the audience to Spanish renditions of English songs like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed […]

Trending Now: Glitter beards mean glitter everywhere

Being able to grow a good beard is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I look fantastic, girls (with good taste) dig it, and it keeps my face warm in the winter. On the other hand, people never stop sending me suggestions on social media about what I should do to my facial […]

Trending Now: Astrology, your ‘sign’ don’t mean anything

Astrologers in many cultures have studied and attached meaning to the movement of stars and planets, apparently so you could put the emoji for your astrological sign in your Instagram bio. I’ve been seeing a lot of people use astrology to define themselves on social media. Someone I know will retweet a quote today that […]

Halloween carnival caters to community members with special needs

Spooky music and creative costumes haunted the Gardner Student Center Ballroom Thursday night for a Halloween event hosted especially for the special-needs community and their families.  The Special Needs Carnival organized by the Dixie State University Student Association was open to students and the community and filled the ballroom with princesses, superheroes, cowboys and other costumed attendees. […]

Trending Now: Stop socks and sandals

Your life will get immensely better when you stop wearing socks and sandals. I’m talking about those brown, rubber Jesus sandals, Air Jordan slippers, Birkenstocks, flip-flops and basically any derivation of sandals that only have straps across the top of your feet.  They’re making your life harder. And for some reason, many people have decided it’s okay […]

BuzzFeed Food Creation: Student creates alcoholic Halloween drink

I’m usually a fan of holiday-themed food items like gingerbread houses during Christmas and multi-colored eggs for Easter, but there’s something unsettling about Halloween treats. Most Halloween-themed food items you see at parties are meant to look like they’d be found at a crime scene. Nothing is appetizing to me about eating something that looks […]

Trending Now: Pumpkin spice shortage inevitable

It’s just been reported from reputable sources this country will soon enter a devastating famine. Because of the country’s addiction to pumpkin spice flavored food products, the pumpkin farmers across the nation have warned their pumpkin crops are unable to keep up with the demand. The spice farmers have all but packed their bags and […]

Women’s Resource Center focuses on helping female students succeed professionally

Salary gaps, discrimination, sexual harassment and no mandated paid maternity leave are all hurdles working women will face in the United States – but there are people to help.   These were just a few of the issues presented by a panel of speakers from Dixie State University faculty at the Dixie Forum lecture “International […]

Snapchat habits lack creativity, animated selfies aren’t helping

All my friends are puking rainbows. Because of Snapchat’s recent updates, Sept. 15, 2015, will go down in history as the most annoying day for receiving Snapchat messages of my entire life. The update included new animated filters that read selfies and simulate things like giant fake tears, cartoon heart eyes, scary monster faces, and […]

Ghosting haunts your boo

If you haven’t seen or heard from the person you’re dating for a little longer than usual, it might be time to stop holding your breath: They could be ghosting you. “Ghosting” is a term used for ending a relationship by cutting off all forms of interaction and disappearing without warning – like a ghost. According to a […]