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OPINION | Standardized testing needs a revamp

It’s time to have less stress and more success by changing the way we do standardized testing. Sitting a bunch of students together in a silent room with a time limit and high expectations is not the equation to having successful and knowledgeable students. We are going about standardized testing in all of the wrong […]

Utah Tech’s newest restaurant Powerhouse looking for students who want an on-campus job

A new restaurant with healthy and organic food is in the house. Located on the bottom floor of the Jeffrey R. Holland Centennial Commons, “Powerhouse” serves students a variety of 100% organic items from lattes and protein shakes to avocado toast and Belgium waffles. Powerhouse started as a food truck ran by Brayden Gines in […]

Become a true southern Utah local: 5 Hikes in St. George for beginners

It’s time to embrace your inner “St. Georgian.” With St. George being known for its abundance of outdoor activities, it can almost be expected of the residents to be familiar with the hiking opportunities that draw in all of the tourists. Here is a list of five easy hikes – from easiest to hardest – […]

OPINION | The risky reality of being roofied

Utah Tech University students are doomed to be roofied. While taking my daily stroll between classes, I can almost always count on someone going around in a golf cart or sitting at a booth hollering at me to take their free treat and handout. One afternoon, as I was taking in my surroundings, I noticed […]