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Fun, helpful on-campus resources available to students

As classes kick into full gear, students might be searching for fun and helpful things to do on-campus. Other than the weekly athletic events, and the Wednesday events hosted by the Utah Tech University Student Association, there are plenty of things to do on campus.  The Writing Center Utah Tech provides resources that help assist […]

Resources available to keep student athletes mentally and physically healthy

Student athletes have a great deal of responsibilities that may lead to bad performances in their preferred sport. It is important to stay both mentally and physically healthy, so they can perform at their best. A couple responsibilities student athletes deal with on a regular basis are: school, homework, work, practice, games and social life. […]

Booth Wellness Center increases resources to help students’ mental health

Dixie State University’s Booth Wellness Center is adding more staff because of the rise in anxiety, depression and substance abuse issues amongst college students. The BWC hired a part-time psychiatric nurse, Janel Hillstrom, just a few months before school started. “More and more we are finding students coming to school having previous psychiatric care [and] […]

Sexual assault allegations bring attention toward resources available to students

Following the release of two safety notices regarding sexual assault and harassment, the Dixie State University Police Department continues to inform students of their resources on campus. According to a safety alert from the university, the DSUPD has received multiple reports of alleged sexual assaults that have occurred on separate dates at a private residence […]

OPINION | DSU needs more funding for mental health resources

Mental health is tremendously important and Dixie State University lacks the vital resources its students need. According to Active Minds, 39% of college students experience significant mental health issues, and the number is rising every day. A good majority of these students are neglectful toward their mental health due to stigma and minimal resources. Students […]

University’s plan and resources moving forward after shutdown

By Hannah Hickman and Samantha Ortiz As the threat of COVID-19 rises, the university body is experiencing more changes. President Richard “Biff” Williams said the university is taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the shutdown of the university, he said he and others in Dixie State University’s administration are working on […]

Mental health resources available specifically for student-athletes

  There are different challenges students face when attending a college or university, from getting homework completed on time to getting acquainted with peers and figuring out a career path; however, student-athletes have a few additional challenges they face: practice schedules, depth chart positioning, training sessions, worrying about performance and doing their best to make sure […]

COLUMN: Ballot Box: DSU students need better access to mental health resources

Editor’s note: This article talks about suicide. If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness contact the national suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-8255. Nearly 90% of college students across Utah “felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the last 12 months” according to a 2019 Utah System of Higher Education […]

Resources available at DSU to students facing mental illness

College can be stressful at times, and it can be overwhelming for students with mental illness. At Dixie State University, there are resources available for students with mental challenges. According to an ABC News article, more college students are seeking help with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Another article published on MSN reports the ratio of college freshmen […]

Build a better resume with DSU’s resources

No matter the experience, resumes can make or break a student’s chance at a new job. For this reason, Dixie State University offers multiple resources for students to take advantage of at no cost. Experts at the Career Center and academic advisers are available on campus to help students craft the perfect, one-page outline of […]

DSU offers various resources for undeclared students

For many students, deciding on one major can be a daunting decision, and not everyone is ready to make that choice just yet. Madysen Wilson, a sophomore from Hudsonville, Michigan, has been unsure of her major since she began her educational career here at Dixie State University. “I was told by my counselor yesterday that […]

Homeless, hungry students common at DSU; resources available

Nobody expects to be homeless when he or she leaves for college. For Natasha Corral, a freshman accounting major from Odessa, Texas, this unexpected situation hit home when she found herself at the end of her housing contract and without a place to live. Her male landlord was invasive, coming into the women-only student housing […]

Girls’ night raises awareness, provides resources to combat sexual assault

Getting pedicures, facials and learning about sexual assault resources have one thing in common: girls’ night at Dixie State University. Students from The Skin Institute pampered women with facials and pedicures after a spokesperson from the Dove Center briefly spoke about its resources available to the community Thursday night in the Gardner Student Center living […]

DSU resources largely underutilized

The sweat students lose during a final exam could be replaced with a dip into cool waters; too bad the pool on campus goes unnoticed. Dixie State University has many unknown campus resources that are available for students. Most schools try to cater to the needs and comfort of the students who attend them. Whether […]

Tech Sassy: Three online resources make tedious college tasks easier

Most college students are looking for ways to make their lives easier whether they are trying to find a job, a great deal on an apartment, or just looking for somewhere to safely store school work. Lucky for us, we live in the Internet age, and that makes everything easier. In my Internet scouring, I’ve managed to find three websites that will make […]

Graduation checklist: 5 steps to prepare for life after college

Collegiate seniors are approaching their long-awaited graduation day, but there are still a few things students need to prepare for before the end of the college life. Apply for graduation If you haven’t applied for graduation this semester, you may want to apply now rather than later. If you want to graduate with a bachelor’s […]

The vast amount of scholarship opportunities at Utah Tech

Utah Tech University offers a variety of scholarships to assist its students with tuition. Although Utah Tech’s scholarship website offers a detailed list of available scholarships, many students are still unaware of the available opportunities. Alumni scholarship opportunities According to its website, the Utah Tech Alumni Association’s Legacy “is a multi-generational program to enrich and […]

Day in the life: Utah Tech resident assistant

With countless responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists, the life of a resident assistant is far from easy and often under-appreciated. Devoting anywhere between six to ten hours per week to the position of an RA may seem like nothing to some people, but when juggling academic endeavors, other jobs and a personal life – those […]

Friends, family, community gather together to honor memory of Peyton Hall

Friends, family and the Utah Tech University community came together Tuesday night to honor and remember Peyton Hall at a candlelight vigil.  After his passing Sunday morning, hundreds of people who were impacted by his death joined together to find peace, comfort and encouragement through these trying times.  With speakers including Del Beatty, vice president […]

So, what’s an internship?

Your internship experience doesn’t need to be like Rory Gilmore’s from “Gilmore Girls.” Think of an internship as a way for you to gain real-world work experience, network and dip your feet into the water of a job you could have after graduation. More times than not, a student will choose to intern somewhere that […]

OPINION | Fake Christmas trees are less of a hassle than real trees

In the matter of a few seconds, your once cute and authentic Christmas tree can become the ultimate hellfire. Halloween has come to an end, and Christmas is slowly creeping up, so save yourself the time and money and just get a fake tree. Soon Thanksgiving will be over as well, in fact it is […]

Powderpuff continues as a Utah Tech Homecoming tradition

Thursday night lights take on a different meaning for Utah Tech University, as its students carried out a loved tradition Nov. 3 of Homecoming week. Despite the chilly weather of St. George and the 9 p.m. start time, students and community members came out to support the women of Utah Tech as they competed in […]

Miss Utah Tech 2023: Zoe Sewell

A stage of 20 women competing for one title: Miss Utah Tech University 2023. Contestant No. 9 Zoe Sewell, a freshman criminal justice major from Hurricane, was crowned Miss Utah Tech 2023 Nov. 1 at the annual competition held in the Cox Performing Arts Center Auditorium. The competition began with a dance routine to the […]

5 stress-reducing tips to help you conquer the semester

With midterms and holidays around the corner, students may be feeling stress more than ever. This natural feeling is your body’s reaction to situations that may feel threatening or challenging to your well being. According to The American Institute of Stress, eight in ten college students report feeling frequent stress.  Common stressors we all may […]

Student petition fights decrease in international students scholarship

Utah Tech University has lowered the international students scholarship fund by $4,500 for students starting in 2023. International students faced a scholarship decrease of $1,000 for the fall semester. Starting in the spring semester of 2023, the scholarship amount will change from $7,000 to $2,500 per year. Along with the change to the scholarship fund, […]

2021-2022 State of the University Address: ‘The eighth era of Utah Tech’

If you’ve been searching for the information on everything about Utah Tech University, here it is. Introduction and remarks Here is what took place prior to President Richard “Biff” Williams’ report: The national anthem was sung by James David, a senior music major from Koblerville, Saipan. Welcome remarks were given by Tiffany Wilson, chair of […]

Don’t regret it, just spend it, study abroad

The study abroad program at Utah Tech University is a hidden gem that can give a students an unforgettable experience.  There are about 14 faculty-led study abroad programs each school year. As well as two-week long summer programs and full semester exchange programs. Some of the locations include Mexico, South Africa, Iceland, Spain, Uganda, Italy, […]

Pros and cons: on-campus vs. off-campus jobs

The college experience looks different for every student and finding the right job can often contribute to the academic journey. Two options readily available to students include on-campus and off-campus jobs. Both have pros and cons, so it’s up to students to find the right fit for their lifestyle.  Thomas Thacker, a sophomore media studies […]

OPINION | #bamarushtok is the best side of Tik Tok yet

I am obsessed with #bamarush and #rushtok, and that’s an understatement. I know what you’re thinking: What is this #bamarush and #rushtok that you speak of? Well, buckle up, and let me tell you all about it. Last year was the start of #rushtok, and this year’s sorority rush week has been deemed as season […]

With its new name, the Center for Inclusion and Belonging is accommodating to all

With not only a new name but also a reinstated mission, the Center for Inclusion and Belonging has become a safe place for everyone. Located on the first floor of the Browning building, the Center for Inclusion and Belonging (CIB), formally known as the Multicultural and Inclusion Center, looks to be an inclusive space for […]

Freshman guide: 5 tips for a great first year

School has started and that means stress has started as well. With this semester having the largest incoming freshman class at Utah Tech University, here are five tips to ensure your success in college. College can be a scary, yet exciting time. Each student can expect to face some challenges, but here are some tips […]

A look back on Dixie State University’s final year of being DSU

While it is our final year as Dixie State University our history is not over. Here is a look back on all of the things we have accomplished in the 2022 school year. Name change While the transition from Dixie State University to Utah Tech University has been a long process, we are coming to […]

Top 5 clubs at DSU for the 2022-2023 school year

by Daniella Centeno, guest writer As the school year progresses to a close, awards season is upon university organizations and faculty.  The five nominees for Club of the Year for the Dixie Awards have made strides this year that made a difference in the community at DSU. Cesar Ruiz, a junior English major from Littlefield, […]

‘He’s not just a football player:’ Trailblazer works to mentor, transcend sport

In July 2021, the NCAA shifted its policy and offered college athletes the chance to benefit from their name, image and likeness–and one Dixie State University student took this as an opportunity to prepare. Wide receiver Deven Osborne, a senior recreation and sports management major from Los Angeles, California, realized the importance of financial literacy […]

DSU police teach women in the S.A.F.E. class

We never think something bad will happen until it does. It’s normally something we see in movies, not in real life, right?  The harsh reality is those things do happen in real life. Women can be assaulted because they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Our parents warned us of […]

Trailblazer Day of Giving

Once a year, for 24 hours, all hands are on deck to gather donations for scholarships, academic programs, athletics and more at Dixie State University. Trailblazer Day of Giving is an annual event focused on supporting programs and students across campus through donations. This year’s Day of Giving happened April 12 and marks the third […]

LGBTQ+ club members advocate for positive image, acceptance for all

By Daniella Centeno, guest writer The LGBTQ+ club has been holding many events on campus in an effort to get all students involved. The club regularly hosts events and they meet every Friday to get to know each other. Events range from a queer sex panel to nails and mocktails. The club has a monthly […]

DSU brings awareness to ‘rape culture’ during sexual assault awareness month

As April is beginning, Dixie State University’s Women’s Resource Center and DSU police department have teamed up to hold events that bring awareness to sexual assault month. The Bystander Moment On April 11 at 3 p.m. in the Dunford auditorium, the WRC will be hosting an event to show the Bystander Moment video. Dru Bottoms, […]

New mental health center benefits St. George community, DSU students

As the population in St. George increases, so are the mental health resources. Utah leaders broke ground for a mental health and drug crisis emergency receiving center in Washington County. This new resource will not only benefit the community of St. George, but also all of the students at Dixie State University. DSU’s Booth Wellness […]

Diversity week recognizes diverse communities at DSU

Each day of the Multicultural and Inclusion Center’s diversity week at Dixie State University was focused on a specific community to inform, celebrate and recognize the diversity on campus. Monday: Open mic night Talents of all kinds were showcased in the Gardner Student Center Ballroom during open mic night. Many different communities came to share […]

A local population increase causes concern as DSU’s on-campus housing, parking are limited

Dixie State University has new projects in place in order to keep up with the growth of St. George and the rise in enrollment numbers. According to a recent report by the Census Bureau, St. George has a 5.1% growth in population. This is the highest growth in metro areas in the last year. DSU […]

Coach Terrance Grant leaves his mark on Trailblazers

Trailblazers are saying goodbye to a Dixie State University staff member who was their coach, their adviser and their mentor- both on and off the field. Terrance Grant brought a unique contribution to Trailblazers football, the Multicultural Inclusion Center, and to campus with his set of skills and experience. Grant was the wide receivers coach […]

5 ways students can cope with anxiety

Anxiety can affect college students both academically and socially, with 44% reporting they suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a word that is used a lot when talking about being stressed out in general but anxiety is something different. Dr. Adam Moore, clinical director of Alliant Counseling, said, “Anxiety is generally a […]

Devon Rice: Utah Tech University’s first student body president

On March 10 at 1:30 p.m. Dixie State University politics announced Devon “Dink” Rice as Utah Tech University’s first student body president. Rice said he will be a good leader for students as the university transitions to Utah Tech University. Rice said: “I’ve been involved with the name change process for two years now, and […]

Student body elections 2022-2023: Presidential debate

Student body elections are coming to an end March 10 at 1 p.m. This is the last day to vote for student body president. The final election for student body president is between Jose Toral and Devon “Dink” Rice. The debate on March 8 allowed the candidates another opportunity to explain their platform more in-depth […]

DSU encourages its students to be active in both learning and life

Students get the best of both worlds when attending Dixie State University with its “active learning. active life.” tagline which enables students to have a dynamic, engaging life.  DSU offers a multitude of classes and employment opportunities which engage students in learning actively and having an active life. It helps enable students to not only […]

Dixie Awards: Recognition and respect for decades

And the award goes to… In similar fashion to the upcoming Academy Awards, Dixie State University is hosting the Dixie Awards April 29 in the Dolores Dore Eccles Fine Arts Center in the Mainstage Theater at 7 p.m. For decades DSU students, faculty, staff, community members and businesses have been nominated and received a Dixie […]

Meet the candidates: 2022-2023 Student body elections

It’s time to meet the candidates for the first student body government of Utah Tech University. There are six candidates for student body president, two candidates for vice president of academics and two candidates for vice president of clubs and organizations. Student body president candidates Holly Hurtado Year in school: Senior Hometown: West Jordan Major: […]

Women’s Resource Center hires new director

Dixie State University’s Women’s Resource Center has never had any full-time staff members until now. DSU hired Dru Bottoms to be the new director of the WRC, a center designed to help women, non-traditional students and families. The WRC provides many services for students on campus from mothers’ rooms, to support groups and private scholarship […]

DSU’s library has limited supply of textbooks for students

Textbooks have crucial information for learning course material in college classrooms. For instance, there are a plethora of teachers who base their tests off of the questions inside of the course textbook. Students who own and study the textbook usually receive in higher scores. Sadly, one of the biggest problems at DSU is the lack […]

Switchpoint: more than a homeless shelter

There are many service opportunities available to us within our community that can change the lives of others. Switchpoint Community Resource Center is a local organization dedicated to helping those in need. Linda Stay, Switchpoint development director, said: “A switch point is a mechanism on a train track. With a slight adjustment, it sends the […]

Trailblazer leadership extends to all

Dixie State University’s faculty and staff step into the student’s world in an intensive leadership program. Patterned after the student leadership programs that are available at DSU, the Trailblazer Leadership Development Program is a yearlong course providing faculty and staff the opportunity to grow and develop their leadership skills. “Stronger leaders result in stronger programs, […]

The Writing Center produces quality papers and confident writers

Everyone knows that feeling of anxiety that bubbles up when you are sitting down to write a paper and you have no clue where to begin. You might try to write out a few paragraphs, only to delete them because they do not sound right. If this describes your past experiences with writing papers, maybe […]

DSU COVID-19 cases doubled in the first two weeks of school

As COVID-19 cases rise in Utah, Dixie State University has revised its COVID-19 guidelines to fit CDC recommendations. While other universities in Utah have decided to require the COVID-19 vaccine, DSU has chosen to not require the vaccine. However, DSU has chosen to be compliant with Utah’s COVID-19 regulations by minimizing the isolation period from […]

Deciding your educational path

Declaring your major and/or minor is a key component to furthering your future achievements and academic success. Students have to make countless decisions upon attending college, and on this list would be deciding on a major and/or minor. Students could possibly attend school for years without ever declaring themselves to a designated degree, but what […]

Welcoming the new Miss Native Dixie State University

In honor of Native American Heritage month, the twenty-fifth Miss Native Dixie State title was crowned to a woman from the Navajo tribe. Three of Dixie State University’s indigenous women took the stage Tuesday to compete for Miss Native Dixie State 2021. Phyllis Kitseallyboy passed her crown off to Delaina Becenti as the new Miss […]

Dining Services: New director, new vision

Weekly specials, healthier food options and longer hours are aspects that Dixie State University’s Dining Services have in store under the new director. The new director of Dining Services plans to improve the experience of eating on-campus to attract more students. Dining Services does not receive funding from student fees, so it relies completely on […]

DSU has no plans to mandate COVID-19 vaccine

The Board of Trustees and Dixie State University’s COVID-19 task force work together in case of another COVID-19 outbreak. DSU sent an optional survey to students asking if they had received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as well as which vaccine they received. “At this point nothing will make us mandate the vaccine; the […]

OPINION | Students should be able to defend themselves

Students in St. George don’t have the resources to be able to defend themselves from an assault on and around campus. Dixie State University doesn’t offer enough self-defense classes to its students. The FAST program has one self-defense class available (FAST 1407) to all students which is open for enrollment each semester.  Self-defense doesn’t only mean […]

Students left without housing

Dixie State University experienced on-campus housing shortages before the fall 2021 semester began. Seth Gubler, director of housing and resident life, said Campus View Suites I holds 352 beds and Campus View Suites II holds 534 beds. When including other on-campus housing, DSU provides approximately 1,200 beds for students to live on campus. Gubler explained […]

Sexual assault awareness spreads through campus

Dixie State University spreads awareness after recent sexual assault allegations. Thirteen percent of all students (graduate and undergraduate) will be sexually assaulted, and most sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone you know. DSU Chief of Police Blair Barfuss reminds students to utilize the DSU Safe app. The DSU Safe app includes useful features such as […]

Making a promise: ‘Lauren’s Promise’

Believing those who claim to be in abusive relationships, this is what “Lauren’s Promise” is. Lauren McCluskey, a former University of Utah student, was murdered Oct. 22, 2018. McCluskey, a former track athlete, met an early death after dating a man she knew briefly. The entire month of October is domestic violence awareness month and […]

DSU follows conservation water guidelines due to drought

Following Utah’s drought year, the Dixie State University community is urged to continue staying aware of its water usage to ensure 2022 is better. Although DSU on-campus housing does not currently have a water conservation program for students to follow for indoor use, it has been discussed in the past and there is a possibility […]

DSU’s new layout brings changes for students

Dixie State University is undergoing drastic changes and will continue to develop a new campus layout in the future. President Richard “Biff” Williams said there are some rather intriguing plans in the works for DSU in hopes to further help every Trailblazer achieve the ultimate goal of success. One of the first matters of business […]

OPINION | DSU prepares students for their futures

From my own experiences at Dixie State University, I have seen that the university prepares its students to be successful in their careers. Students pursuing their degrees may fear their university isn’t providing them with the necessary skills to secure gainful employment after graduation. The university’s motto of active learning, active life means students are […]

OPINION | DSU should offer COVID-19 testing on weekends

If students got tested weekly and/or were required to be vaccinated, we could have seen a lower number of COVID-19 cases than we currently have at Dixie State University. DSU provides free COVID-19 testing only during the weekdays. Students who request testing over the weekend have to go off-campus and pay. If DSU students are […]

Quarantine guide: How to handle COVID-19

COVID-19 has been affecting Dixie State University students and faculty for a multitude of semesters. Now that we are in 2021, COVID-19 has been seemingly overlooked and disregarded by individuals coming on to campus. It seems that students don’t think COVID-19 is still spreading as vastly as it did in its beginning. According to the Center […]

Polytechnic focus for university explained

As Dixie State University takes on a new approach to the academic focus, there are questions in place as to what exactly a polytechnic education means. “A polytechnic education has been around for decades,” said Michael Lacourse, provost and vice president of academic affairs. “It’s a model that is based on several fundamental characteristics of […]

OPINION | College is better than high school

You won’t regret the change from high school to college because of the new, fun experiences you will have. Entering the world of being a college student straight from being a high school student is definitely an extreme change. You won’t regret this change because your college experiences will top any of your experiences in […]

Freshman and sophomores experience events for the first time on-campus

During the ongoing pandemic, Dixie State University’s current sophomore class missed out on their freshman year physically. Where most students would be attending orientation days, they were going through the motions online. DSU has the unique experience of having two first-year classes this year. As an institution, it seems we have glossed over the sophomore […]

College housing: On-campus vs. off-campus living

For first year college students, one of the most stressful tasks when moving is finding a place to live. There’s the debate between living off-campus or on-campus. For the inexperienced, it’s hard to see the differences between the two types of housing. Here is a list of pros and cons to make the decision easier.  […]

DSU provides plethora of outlets to support its LGBTQ+ students

In light of recent events at Brigham Young University, LGBTQ+ students at Dixie State University may be wondering where they can go on campus to get support. Last week, Jeffrey R. Holland, a former president of BYU, gave an address in which he criticized faculty and staff at BYU who have pushed back against Latter-day […]

OPINION | Lack of parking space unsafe for students

Aside from not being able to find a parking space in time for classes, the lack of parking spaces on campus is dangerous. The new Campus View Suites II and the Science Engineering and Technology building have made more room for students to live and experience state-of-the-art classrooms but they come at a price. The […]

Ali Threet: Leader among students, faculty

The start of a school year always brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and blazing new trails. Dixie State University announced its new Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of student affairs: an advocate and mentor for not only the students but also the faculty and staff at DSU and a dedicated leader amongst everyone […]

The Atwood Innovation Plaza showcases new patents

The Atwood Innovation Plaza helps Dixie State University students, faculty and community members have access to the resources needed to patent their products. On bad days all you need is a reminder that everything will be OK. Amber Murray, a St George resident, came to this realization after personally struggling with mental health. “After personally […]